The Top Prep & Public Schools in the UK

“Glendower’s large, high ceilinged classrooms (beautiful cornicing) are home to a calm, collected bunch of girls, admirably led for the past eight years by the calm collected Ros Bowman, who retired last summer. Her successor is Sarah Knollys, who springs from the New Model School Company. Glendower is less ‘alpha female’ than some of its local competitors, but results are no less spectacular, with girls setting their sights on St Paul’s, Wycombe Abbey and Downe House et al. We were impressed by the science and DT facilities and also noted that there are lots of male staff. The food is good and mainly organic but- carnivores take heed- it’s all vegetarian. Not that the lack of meat slows anyone down: Glendower’s netball players and swimmers compete at national level.”

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